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Membership is designed to encourage, nurture, and connect existing Associations, Networks and Links with the international Christian camping community. Membership also provides the platform to encourage the development of new Associations, Networks and Links worldwide.


Membership Styles

  1. Associations – Associations are structured alignments of camps and camping ministries that seek to enhance, encourage and expand the work of Christian camping in their country or multi-national region through mutually beneficial training, networking, sharing of best practices, and common support.
  2. Networks – Networks are less structured alignments of camps and camping ministries. They may be formed in countries and multi-national regions where interest in Christian camping is emerging or where not enough critical mass exists to support a fully functioning association. Networks may also be considered where a less structured alignment of members is appropriate. 
  3. Links – Links are individual camps or camping ministries that exist where Christian camping ministries are isolated due to geographic, religious, political or other constraints.


Membership Process – New members will be welcomed on the basis of:

  • Endorsement by a member Association or a CCI-WW representative appointed by the International Director.
  • Affirmation of the CCI-WW Identity and Community documents.
  • Demonstration of broad engagement through:Demonstration that they are sustainable through team leadership and a proven track record of involvement in Christian camping.
    • A wide range of Christian camping leaders representing multiple churches, denominations or other ministries.
    • A large geographic area.
    • Various styles of Christian camping.

Membership Criteria for Associations, Networks and Links

  • Affirms the CCI-WW Identity and Community documents
  • Holds Christian camping as a priority.

Responsibilities for Associations, Networks and Links

  • Submit an annual report.

Privileges for Associations, Networks and Links

  • Use of the Name ‘Christian Camping International’ (CCI)
  • Use of the CCI Logo.
  • Listing on the CCI-WW website (If desired).
  • Regular communication from CCI-WW.


Association Membership Uniqueness

Association Responsibilities – Each Association should:

  • Maintain an organizational leadership structure such as a governing board or steering committee.
  • Manage a membership list.
  • Communicate regularly with the members.
  • Conduct at least one annual training, networking or social gathering.
  • Develop annual goals or action plans for growth and expansion of Christian camping in its country or multi-national region and beyond.
  • Pay a membership fee.

Association Privileges – Member Associations may:

  • Vote for Board Members, and amendments to the document, “Identity: Who We Are”.
  • Participate in worldwide Summits and Regional Events.
  • Nominate a member to serve on the CCI-WW Board of Directors.


Network Membership Uniqueness

Network Responsibilities – Each Network should:

  • Maintain an organizational leadership structure such as a governing board or steering committee.
  • Communicate regularly with the participants.
  • Conduct an annual training networking or social gathering.

 Network Privileges – Each Network may participate in worldwide Summits and Regional Events.


Link Membership Uniqueness

  • Link Responsibilities – Each Link should be willing to align with other Christian camps or camping ministries in their country to form a Network if reasonably possible.
  • Link Privileges – If invited, Link members may participate in neighboring associations’ training and social events, and participate in CCI regional events.


Continued Membership

In the event that an Association, Network or Link fails to maintain membership requirements, the ID, in consultation with the Board, will have discretion to redefine the membership status or remove a member from the worldwide alliance.