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Books on Camping 

The Christian Camp Leader, Jim Badke, ISBN 978-0-9916846-2-5. http://www.campleader.ca/  Available through internet booksellers.

Creative Counseling for Christian Camps, Joy MacKay, 1966 Scripture Press Publications, Inc, Wheaton, IL.  Can be purchased through Amazon and other internet booksellers.

The Camp Counselor, A Guidepost to Better Christian Camping, Lloyd Mattson, ISBN 0-942684-02-8, 1981 Camping Guideposts, Duluth, MN.

Help, I'm a Camp Counselor!, H. Norman Wright & Michael J. Anthony, ISBN 0-8307-1108-2, 1986 Regal Books.  Can be purchased through internet booksellers.

How To Use Camping Experiences in Religious Education: Transformation through Christian Camping, Stephen F. Venable and Donald M. Joy, ISBN 0-89135-104-3, 1998 Religious Education Press.  Can be purchased through internet booksellers.

Too Small to Ignore: Why Children Are the Next Big Thing, Dr. Wess Stafford, ISBN 1-4000-7043-0, 2005 WaterBook Press. Can be purchased through Amazon or from http://www.toosmalltoignore.com/

Christian Camping Today: A Complete Handbook for the Short-Term Staff, Lloyd Mattson, ISBN 0-87788-611-3, 1998 Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, IL, https://www.ccca.org/public/catalog/item.asp?c=30&i=4045 and internet booksellers.

The Christian Camp Counselor: Becoming a Camp Counselor After God's Own Heart, Jim Badke, ISBN 0-9683123-0-6, 1998 QwanoesPublishing, Vancouver Island, Canada, http://www.qwanoes.ca/year-round/other/qpublishing.php.  Also available through CCCA and internet booksellers. (Available in English, Portugese and Spanish)

Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice, Ashley Denton, ISBN 978-0-615-41325-9 (paperback), 2011 smooth stone publishing, http://www.outdoorleaders.com/  and internet booksellers.

God Of Adventure, Bruce Dunning, ISBN 978-1-55452-724-3 (paperback), 2012 Essence Publishing, http://www.godofadventure.com and internet booksellers.


If you have a resource to be added to this list, please contact us.