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Which Way Are You Running?

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA10er @ 10:20
“Those who seek the deeper Christian life and those who want the riches that are in Christ Jesus the Lord seek no place, no wealth, no things, only Christ.” 
 A.W. Tozer, The Crucified Life
Children throughout the world play tag. Despite its many variations, the essence of the game is always to avoid being ‘it.’ If you are not ‘it,’ you protect yourself and run away; if you are ‘it,’ you try to ‘tag’ someone, giving them the honor of being ‘it.’ A simple game that has survived for generations. 
Knowing when to run away and when to chase is critical to success at tag and in the Christian life. Whether to escape or pursue always depends upon the circumstances.
Paul advised Timothy about when to run away and when to pursue. He said, “But you, man of God, flee from all this (wandering away from the faith due to the love of money), and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” (1 Timothy 6:11)
Fleeing the distractions and temptations of life and pursuing the high qualities of righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness are the twin challenges of the Christian life. 
Today, follow Paul’s dual admonition: flee those things that pull you away from God and pursue those qualities that make your life most like Him. 
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 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide
CC-New Zealand has a Strategic planning Board meeting February 7. Please pray for clear direction would be valued. In March, CCNZ will embark on regionals in the South Island. The meetings will cover topics raised at their AGM last year: membership fees and CCNZ structure, governance, potential collaborations, new catering opportunities to further reduce pricing, (a new and different initiative), introducing a support person with technical experience in the outdoors that can be contracted to camps. 
CCI-Russia is praising the Lord for a record number of early bookings for our 25th Anniversary Conference - almost 150 delegates by the first of the New Year! Please continue to intercede for the participants, instructors and leaders that will come from 10+ countries, as well as all other details needed for the success of this event that will be held on February 4-8 in St. Petersburg.
CC-South Africa prays that government schools will find a way to still put the Lord Jesus Christ first in schools without being prosecuted. All signs and reference to Christianity in textbooks have been removed. This has had an effect on our members as schools do not book Christian-oriented camps as in the past. We also would like to pray for new membership and building of the Kingdom of God.
Please pray for CCI-Mexico and their upcoming regional conferences happening January 22-27 in the North, and then March 9-11 in the Central and South regions. Pray these gatherings will be productive and encouraging, and that ministries will be strengthened because of them.
Prayer requests for the CCI-Spain Annual Conference this week:
  1. Preparation for the Christian Camping International Spain annual conference to be held January 17 – 21 at the Seven Oaks Camp near Pamplona, Spain. Ask the Lord to help with the last details of the conference.
  2. Pray that He would bring those who He wants to work in and help in their camping ministry.
  3. Ask Him to glorify His name through the conference.
  4. Pray the Lord would inspire other camps in Spain to see the need to work together, encourage one another, to pray for one another…to join the CCI fellowship of camps in Spain.
CC-South Africa thanks the Lord for rain in parts of the country. They are thankful for a new school term and want to bless each child’s development. Please pray for all teachers.
CCI-Spain - Jan 17-21 - National Conference - Siete Robles
CCI-Mexico - Jan 22-27 - North Regional Conference - La Paz, Baja California
CC-South Africa - Feb 12-14 - Executive board meeting
CCI-Netherlands - March 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-Mexico - March 9-11 - South and Central Regional Conferences
CC-South Africa - June 5-8 - 40th Annual General Meeting
CVA - August 6-10 - Connect 18 - The Collaroy Center
CCI-France - Oct 15-18 - European Rendezvous
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-Canada - Nov 26-29 - National Conference - Banff, AB
CCI-Spain - Jan 16-20 - Annual Conferences
CCI Worldwide Summit – April 30-May5 - “Relate” – Australia
Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide. 
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 
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