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How to Support Your Pastor

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA10er @ 10:36
“God can work peace through us only if He has worked peace in us... Those who are in the best of circumstances but without God can never find peace, but those in the worst of circumstances but with God need never lack peace.”
John MacArthur
October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Many years ago, I asked my pastor what I could do for him during October to lighten his load and show him my support.
His response stunned me. I expected him to say, “Preach for me next Sunday, buy my lunch, or wash my car!” Instead he said, “Keep your marriage together. I’m so weary of helping people work through their family fights!” 
Paul wanted the people of Thessalonica to support their pastors too. He wrote them a letter and said, “Respect those who work hard among you, who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other.” (I Thessalonians 5:12-13)
The last sentence is crucial. Living in peace with each other is wonderful for us, but it also honors our pastors. And when we are living in harmony, it frees our church leaders to become proactive, reaching out to others, rather than being absorbed in the excruciating pain of relational problems. 
Do yourself – and your pastor – a favor. Follow Paul’s directive: live in peace with each other
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 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide
Please pray for good response to an invitation sent last week, to join a consultation meeting in Southeast France on December 13. 6 of 30 centers have already replied yes. This group will complement the group regularly meeting in Alsace France. Please also pray for Norm and Rosslyn Doney and family as their middle son Charlie gets married to Rachel on October 21. They met at a CCI-UK member camp! Praise God!
CC-South Africa asks for prayer for relief of the draught in the Western Cape area as water levels are very low. Also, CCSA is planning to have regional meetings and would like prayer for the planning and blessing on the meetings arranged.
Please pray with CCI-Canada for the Leadership Summit coming up in November. Pray that God will continue to develop leaders that He can use to draw other to Him.
Please pray for CCI-Mexico’s National Conference taking place November 17-21. Pray for the ongoing planning happening now and the team that is putting the details together, for people to register and attend and once there, be encouraged and refreshed, and for the speakers and conference leaders to have wisdom and direction to make this an effective and blessed event.
Please pray for the Indian Christian Camping Conference that will take place October 26-28 in Bangalore. Pray for all the details involved in preparations, for safe travel, for the speakers as they prepare to share, and for the participants to benefit from and be refreshed by the event.
CCI-Ukraine's preparation for its National Conference, November 2-3, is well in progress. Many things and people have been confirmed, yet there are still many details that need to be worked on and brought together. Please pray for all the details to be worked out. Also pray that God would lead to the Conference everyone He wants to be there. So far 181 camp leaders have registered. There is room for a total of 350 participants.
Please pray for CCI-Japan’s National Conference on November 15-17 at Hi-B.A. camp and the annual meeting and new board election taking place before the conference on November 15. Pray for the logistics in planning these events, for wisdom and unity, for safe travel and encouragement for those attending, and that the Lord will be glorified and His servants empowered to be effective for the kingdom.
Please pray for the Teen and Youth adventure camp on October 24 in Islamabad and the Youth sports Leadership development training at AOG Church Islamabad on October 27-28.
CC-South Africa thanks the Lord for rain in the Northern regions as they are entering our summer season.
Give thanks for a wonderful CCI-Poland conference held October 6-8 at PROEM center near Warsaw. 100 delegates came together from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine to encourage, inspire, and train one another.
ICCA - Oct 26-28 - Indian Christian Camping Conference - Bangalore
CCI-Ukraine - November 2-3 - National Conference - Kiev
CCI-Ukraine - November 4 - Camp Directors Forum – Kiev
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 7 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-Japan - Nov 15 - Annual meeting and board election
CCI-Japan - Nov 15-17 - National Conference - Hi-B.A. camp
CCNZ - Nov 17 - AGM - Aucklands
CCI-Mexico - Nov 17-21 - National Conference - Tabasco
CCI-Romania - Nov 21-22 - "And Now What" - Director's Institute
CCI-Canada - Nov 27-29 - Leadership Summit
CCCA - Dec 4-7 - Annual Conference - The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO
CCI-Netherlands - Jan 2 - "New Year's" Reception
CCI-Spain - Jan 17-21 - National Conference - Siete Robles
CCI-Netherlands - March 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCI-France - Oct 15-18 - European Rendezvous
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 6 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CC-South Africa - June 5-8 - 40th Annual General Meeting
CVA - August 6-10 - Connect 18 - The Collaroy Center
Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide. 
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 
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