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Twenty One Prayer

Christian Camping International (CCI) is an alliance of 20 associations around the world.  

 CCI supports Christian camps and camping leaders in over 60 countries. 
 Christian camping is known to exist in an additional 40 countries that do not have the support of local associations.

 Believing that Christian camping is a powerful method to impact people for God's glory, CCI-Worldwde desires to see Christian camping grow around the world.


Just before the 21st of each month, CCI encourages people to pause and ask God to raise up the 21st association of camps and camping leaders.


Czech Republic

Posted by Dan Bolin on OP4er @ 16:05

The Czech Republic is home to about 10,600,000 people, roughly the same number of campers and guests who attend CCI member camps each year. 

They tend to be much older.  Only about 255 of the Czech population is 25 years of age or younger while 35% is 55 or older.  The median age is 41 year old. 

Only about 12% of the Czech people identify with a religious group of any sort; 11% Roman Catholic and one percent Protestant. The vast majority indicate no religious preference.  

High standards of living provide the Czech people with clean drinking water, excellent educational opportunities, good medical care and effective sanitation systems.  Life expectancy is well over 78 years. 

Relative to much of the world, the Czech people enjoy a moderately high standard of living.  The per capita Gross Domestic Product is $26,300 annually.  Unemployment stands at 7.1% but it is much higher for youth at over 19%.

There are a few Christian camps serving the people of the Czech Republic.  With such a low rate of participation in any religious structure, Christian camping could be a very strategic means of moving people toward Christ.  People who would be too skeptical of religion to enter a church may be more open to a Christian camping experience.  The fun, relational bonding, outdoor setting provides a much safer context for bridging the gap between the rejection of religion and the acceptance of Christianity. 

Please pray for the few Christian camping ministries that exist within the Czech Republic and pray that God will weave together a network of Christian camping leaders who can support one another and grow the movement in this key country.

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