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Twenty One Prayer

Christian Camping International (CCI) is an alliance of 20 associations around the world.  

 CCI supports Christian camps and camping leaders in over 60 countries. 
 Christian camping is known to exist in an additional 40 countries that do not have the support of local associations.

 Believing that Christian camping is a powerful method to impact people for God's glory, CCI-Worldwde desires to see Christian camping grow around the world.


Just before the 21st of each month, CCI encourages people to pause and ask God to raise up the 21st association of camps and camping leaders.


India - "21" CCI Worldwide Prayer Emphasis

Posted by Cory Bigham on OP7er @ 19:54

India's population stands at about 1,200,000,000; second only to China and more than three times that of the USA. There are more camp-age young people in India (under the age of 15) than the entire population of the United States. Official government statistics indicate that about 3% of Indians are Christians; however, some estimate that up to 10% of Indians have some form of commitment to Christ. The majority of Indians are Hindus, a significant minority is Muslims and the rest of the country is splintered between a broad assortment of religious beliefs.

Christian churches and schools have been the target of persecution in many parts of the country. Despite this opposition, Christianity is on the rise and is growing in the face of opposition.


Churches and Bible schools seem to be on the rise, but Christian camping has not enjoyed the same rapid rate of development. Resident camping is not a part of the traditional Indian culture, and it has been difficult for the movement to gain traction. However, there are several excellent camping ministries throughout the country and the groundwork is being laid to see Christian camping take root, grow and flourish in India.


Last year, 40 Christian camping leaders representing eight ministries in India met for a week of training, networking and fellowship. This year two important meetings are planned for October. The first is designed to brief pastors and the presidents of Christian colleges concerning the powerful impact of Christian camping. The other will be a follow-up training event with the same 40 leaders and hopefully more.


Please pray that the people attending these conferences would catch the vision and see Christian Camping ministry as an effective tool to reach young people and children throughout India. Pray that God would keep them safe in the face of opposition. And pray that Christian camping would grow throughout this vast and significant country.

incerely in Christ, 

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Dan Bolin 

International Director


CCI Worldwide
PO Box 9508
Tyler, Texas 75711


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