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Twenty One Prayer

Christian Camping International (CCI) is an alliance of 20 associations around the world.  

 CCI supports Christian camps and camping leaders in over 60 countries. 
 Christian camping is known to exist in an additional 40 countries that do not have the support of local associations.

 Believing that Christian camping is a powerful method to impact people for God's glory, CCI-Worldwde desires to see Christian camping grow around the world.


Just before the 21st of each month, CCI encourages people to pause and ask God to raise up the 21st association of camps and camping leaders.



Posted by Dan Bolin on OP1er @ 13:41

Finland’s population is just over 5,200,000 people.  But unlike many of the countries we pray for, Finland’s population is much older with a median age of 43.  Only 16.4% of Finns are 14 or under, 28% are 24 years of age or younger and 72% are 25 years old or older.

In many ways life is very good in Finland.  Gross Domestic Product per capita is over $37,000 a year.  There is 100% literacy, clean water and food are available in abundance, medical care is highly regarded and life expectancy is almost 80 years.

But spiritually, things could be better.  Although historically, Finland has been a strong Christian country, in recent years that commitment has waned.  A study in 2008 indicated that only 8% of the population considered themselves highly religious, 31% moderately religious, 28% agnostic, 29% non-religious, and 3% atheist.   

At least two Christian camping leaders from Finland have attended CCI-Russia training events in the past few years.  They report that there are numerous camping ministries underway in their country. 

Please pray that God will strengthen and use the camp ministries that are active in Finland.  And that Finland would develop a network to help all these ministries become more effective.

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