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Twenty One Prayer

Christian Camping International (CCI) is an alliance of 20 associations around the world.  

 CCI supports Christian camps and camping leaders in over 60 countries. 
 Christian camping is known to exist in an additional 40 countries that do not have the support of local associations.

 Believing that Christian camping is a powerful method to impact people for God's glory, CCI-Worldwde desires to see Christian camping grow around the world.


Just before the 21st of each month, CCI encourages people to pause and ask God to raise up the 21st association of camps and camping leaders.



Posted by Dan Bolin on OP9er @ 21:49


Mozambique is a country with over 24 million people, 16 million of them are young people.  Two-thirds of the population is under 25 years of age.  Almost half (45%) are under 15 years old. The median age is 16.8 years.  Anyone 17 years or older is on the downside of the population bell curve.  Life expectancy is only 52 years.   

Not only is the country very young, it is also very poor.  The average income is the equivalent of about $100 a month.    

Medical issues are a major problem.  There are only three doctors for every 100,000 people.  HIV/Aids is a reality for more than 11% of the people.   

Although Mozambique’s official language is Portuguese, most of the people speak one of several local languages and only about 11% speak Portuguese as a first language.   

Mission groups have made inroads into the country.  About 28% profess Roman Catholicism and another 28% practice Protestant Christianity.  Muslims account for 18% of the population and the remaining 26% reflect local animistic or no religion.    

At least two ministries are hosting Christian camps in Mozambique.  But with so many young people and so much need, Mozambique appears to be a country in need of more Christian camping ministries.   

Please pray that the existing ministries would grow and that new ones would be established in this wonderful yet challenging country.  

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