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Twenty One Prayer

Christian Camping International (CCI) is an alliance of 20 associations around the world.  

 CCI supports Christian camps and camping leaders in over 60 countries. 
 Christian camping is known to exist in an additional 40 countries that do not have the support of local associations.

 Believing that Christian camping is a powerful method to impact people for God's glory, CCI-Worldwde desires to see Christian camping grow around the world.


Just before the 21st of each month, CCI encourages people to pause and ask God to raise up the 21st association of camps and camping leaders.



Posted by Dan Bolin on OP12er @ 12:17

The small island nation of Iceland is home to 315,000 people.  These hearty souls live on the edge of the Arctic Circle between the Norwegian Sea and the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 

By most world standards the Icelandic life is good.  Life expectancy runs over 81 years, 99% of the population enjoys the ability to read and write, and Gross Domestic Product per capita is almost $40,000 (USD). 

Over 80% of the population identifies with the national Lutheran Church.  Another 4% are members of the Free Church and 2.5% align with the Roman Catholic Church.  The rest are divided between a wide range of smaller groups or give no religious preference. 

A few weeks ago a Christian camping leader in the UK received a communication from a Christian camping leader in Iceland.  Learning that God is at work in new areas is always encouraging. 

Please pray for the work in Iceland. Pray for strength and encouragement for the staff members.  And please pray that Christian camping will be a tool God uses for evangelism, spiritual growth and leadership development for the people of Iceland.

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