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June 6, 2012 - A Slice of Fresh Bread from Dan Bolin

Posted by Cory Bigham on June 09, 2012 @ 22:04


First, admit that you cannot do it all.

Jesse Garner, Purposeful Productivity, Insight, May/June 2012

A Slice of Fresh Bread

At the conclusion of a recent wedding, the happy couple decided to avoid rice, rose pedals or sparklers and chose instead to release butterflies. 

I didn’t know what to expect; but sure enough, we all received a small, opaque, envelope with a living, breathing butterfly inside.  As the newlyweds exited the chapel, about a hundred butterflies found flight and filled the air with their beauty and grace.

The butterflies looked so odd, uncomfortable and helpless in their tiny confining envelopes.  They looked so good fluttering freely through the sunlit afternoon enjoying life the way it was intended. 

In Galatians 5:1a Paul reminds us, It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Christ wants us to be free from sin’s power, control and consequences.  He wants us to enjoy freedom from both the sins of legalism and the sins of license.

This summer millions of campers will attend CCI-member camps throughout the northern hemisphere.  Please pray that God will use camp to set many of them free from the bondage of sin and teach them to follow Christ in the freedom for which they were designed. 

Prayer Requests
  • About 100 participants of Christian Camping Southern Africa are gathered for their annual conference this week (June 4-8) near Pretoria, South Africa.  CCSA serves the camping leaders throughout the southern portion of Africa.  Please pray for an effective time of training, fellowship and inspiration.
  • Jim Hammett, CEO of CCI-UK, has announced his resignation effective later this fall.  Norman Downey has accepted the role of interim CEO through the end of 2012.  Please pray for Jim as he transitions into the next phase of ministry, Norman while he provides interim leadership, and for the leadership of CCI-UK while they seek God’s person to serve this important association. 
  • Please continue in prayer for Camp El Monte in Mexico whose property was forcefully taken over by squatter on January 19th.  Legal technicalities have delayed a possible resolution until later this summer.  Please pray that a favorable ruling would be handed down soon and that the property would be returned to the El Monte missionaries and staff.
  • Christian Camping New Zealand will hold its national conference July 29-August 2. It will be entitled Footprints on our Hearts. Please pray for the planning and preparation of this national conference.
  • Christian Venues Association (Australia) will hold its Association-wide conference July 30-August 3 at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. Please pray for the planning, and promotion of this upcoming event.
  • CCI-Latin America is conducting a training event in El Salvador July 19 through August 11. Please pray for good participation, training, networking and inspiration during this time.
  • CCI-East Africa supports Christian camping in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Uganda, and Zambia. They will hold a training event September 3-7. Please pray for the planning and preparation for this regional gathering. 


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