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Soar but Return - Jan 16, 2012

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA11er @ 11:12

As we lead, we should remember that we are not merely influencing others . . . we are establishing a relationship of trust. 

                                          Jim Galvin, I've Got Your Back

A Slice of Fresh Bread

Last week I watched a falconer with his hawk. I was enthralled as the bird soared through the open sky and then, hearing the whistle from his master, swooped down to take the mouse meal.


The powerful, graceful bird was free to roam the blue skies; it soared to the heavens and enjoyed the freedom of flight. But at the sound of the whistle, she returned to her master and was rewarded with refreshment and affirmation.

The master enjoyed watching the hawk as she delighted in her freedom.


In Galatians Paul records two significant perspectives on freedom. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. (Galatians 5:1) Christ wants us to enjoy our freedom and soar to the highest levels possible.


Do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. (Galatians 5:13) Freedom always involves risk. The hawk might have never returned. But the bird realized that life works best when coupled with obedience and a loving relationship.


Enjoy the freedom Christ provides, but use it wisely. Soar, enjoy and take pleasure in your flight, but return to the One who set you free.

Prayer Requests

CCI-UK is holding its national conference this week, Jan 14-17. Following the conference, representatives from the Netherlands, Albania, Romania, France and Poland will meet to suggest strategies for expanding the role of Christian camping in Europe. Please pray for both of these significant events.
Please pray for Keith Hagon and his wife Mandy. Keith is the new executive director of CCI-UK and is in his first weeks of this responsibility. Please pray for a smooth transition and God's blessing on his leadership.
CCI-Spain will be holding their Annual Conference Jan 17-20. Please pray for the leadership of this association of camping leaders as they plan for the next year in face of the intense economic struggles in their country.


El Monte camp in Mexico had another appearance in court on January 3, and it resulted in the camps favor! However, there still are many legal steps ahead before the case is settled. Please pray for continued favor in these proceedings and for the funds needed to continue this legal battle.


The devastating wildfires across Australia continue. Much of the country is fighting fires at a catastrophic threat level with high winds and extreme temperatures. So far, no camps have reported damage, but some are in the path of destruction; and the potential exists for many camps and programs to be affected. Please pray for those fighting the fires and for wisdom to make the right decisions by leadership of camps.

Please pray for the Upcoming Events below:

Upcoming Events


CCI-UK - Jan 14-16 - National Training Conference

CCI-Spain - Jan 17-20 - Annual Conference - Los Naranjos Center, Seville

CCI-Philippines - Feb 26-27 - National Annual Members Forum Crystal Beach Resorts and Campsite, San Narciso, Zambalez

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