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A Generous Life

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA9er @ 9:50
“You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”
Amy Carmichael
Cay’s grandmother lived a long and generous life. She was born in 1898 and died 102 years later in 2000. Seventeen years later, not much remains of her rich life besides fond memories, yellowed pictures, and a small, black leather purse that is one of Cay’s prized possessions.   

She was a generous lady who loved to help others – sometimes too much. As her mind became more confused and less discerning, Cay’s father took control of her finances. Wisely, each month, he provided her with a small stack of one-dollar bills that she could give away as her heart desired. 

She was most happy when she was giving. 

Inside that purse, in a side pocket, still resides about 30 one-dollar bills. They remind Cay and me of the simple reality Paul shared with the Corinthians and with us: “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7b)

Cheerfully give what you can – wisdom, time, encouragement, service, a meal, a visit and of course, money. Maybe what we truly leave behind is what we give away.    
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 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide

Camps in Canada are doing staff training and preparing for up to nine weeks of summer camps. Pray that our camps are full, that we have quality staff who love Jesus, that we run safe programs and that God's name will be glorified in all we say and do.

Summer holidays have begun in Romania for the children so summer camps have started too. Please pray for all the camps happening this summer in Romania. That many children, youth and families will be touched by the word of God through camps. Pray for safety and favor with the authorities. Also please continue to pray for the director of CCI-Romania Andreas van der Elst, his pregnant wife and their little son Levi in finding a house in the village we work in. Prices are going up but God can provide! 


Give thanks to the Lord for a new contact in Southern France who is willing to organize and host an introductory meeting. Pray that the leadership can this happen in the coming year. Also please pray for wisdom and direction about setting up a meeting in Hungary, and that the Lord will provide organizational leadership for that event. Finally, please ask the Lord to open doors, so that process can be made in the organization of a European gathering in France in 2018.


CC-New Zealand has a Marriage Retreat for Camp Directors on August 3-6 with six couples booked already. Please pray the Lord would provide a way for all those who need to attend to be there and that the time would be encouraging and refreshing. Please continue to pray for the CC-New Zealand national conference taking place on July 31 - August 3 at Totara Springs Conference Center. Please also pray for CCNZ’s CEO Jenni Davies during her three weeks annual leave in Europe. And pray for the staff finishing off the last minute details for their national events.

Praise God for networking and training that happened in West Africa two weeks ago. Time in Ghana included sharing of ideas and re-visioning of the way forward. In Sierra Leone, over 170 leaders showed up for the first ever consultative meetings and training! Pray that the Lord would guide the different country teams as they navigate Christian camping networking territory that is uncharted in their contexts. Pray too for Nigeria where key contacts look forward to mobilizing leaders for their first such event.


CC-South Africa would like to thank each and every one for their prayers for rain in the Western Cape. They report having some rain and dam levels are picking up.


CCI-East Africa would like to thank the Lord for taking and bringing back safely Pala and his wife Chiku and Keziah representing CCI-East Africa when they attended the CCI-SA conference in South Africa. CCI-East Africa also thanks the Lord for the just-concluded successful Camping Fair. The Lord came through, using the prayers of His people. They got sponsors and had a good turn out with new contacts made, potential members, and many looking forward to the annual training in September. 
Please pray for the board as they plan for a retreat July 9-11: that the Lord will guide them as they plan for the up coming annual training in September and Wilderness and Safety training in October. 

Please pray for the upcoming CVA Leaders Forum on August 1- 3. Pray that it is a timing or learning, encouragement and blessing for all who attend. Please also pray that the CVA inaugural Outdoor Educators conferences, to be held during August and September, will assist the ministries and work of CVA members.


Please pray for the Board of Directors of CCI-Worldwide as they search for the next International Director of CCI. Pray for wisdom, discernment, unity and direction as they work to fill this position with God's choice for the next years of ministry. Pray for sensitivity and obedience in the heart of the one the Lord is calling to step into CCI leadership. And pray for current CCI International Director Dan Bolin as he seeks to finish strong and end this season of ministry well.  


CCNZ - July 30 - Directors Manager Training - Pacific Park
CCNZ - July 31 - August 3 - Conference - Totara Springs Conference Center
CVA-Australia – July 31-Aug 2 – Leaders Forum 17
CCI-East Africa - Sept 4-8 - Annual training - AIC Diguna Nairob
CCI-East Africa - Oct 12 - Safety trainingi
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 7 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCNZ - Nov 17 - AGM - Aucklands
CCI-Mexico - Nov 17-20 - National Conference - Tabasco
CCI-Canada - Nov 27-29 - Leadership Summit
CCCA - Dec 4-7 - Annual Conference - The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO


CCI-Spain Jan 17-21 - National Conference - Siete Robles

CCI-Romania - Nov 21-22 - "And Now What" - Director's Institute

Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide.  
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 
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