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The Greatest Joy

Posted by Dan Bolin on OA10er @ 10:17
“There is nothing dreary and doubtful about (life). It is meant to be continually joyful…. We are called to a settled happiness in the Lord whose joy is our strength.”

Amy Carmichael
There are degrees of happiness. I’m thrilled when I find an open parking spot, when matched socks emerge from the dryer, and when the dentist tells me I have no new cavities.

We tend to be even happier when we achieve a significant goal or when our children or grandchildren receive noteworthy awards. And we are even happier when we are in a deep and meaningful relationship.  

The disciples rejoiced when they returned from a ‘short-term mission trip’ and reported that God had demonstrated His power through them. They had entered deep spiritual combat and emerged victorious. But Jesus contradicted them; He said that our greatest joy does not come from success – even significant spiritual success – but rather from a right relationship with God.

Jesus said, “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:20) Don’t slack off in your service to God, but don’t forget that greater joy comes from your relationship with God.  
JUNE 5-9!
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 Dan Bolin
International Director - CCI Worldwide

Camp Joy El praises the lord that a two year process is completed and the Department of Environmental Protection has approved a construction permit for our adventure village just two weeks before this summer camp season begins. 

A camp in Asia is struggling with leadership and board related issues. Please pray for God’s healing, peace and wisdom, and that the situation can be resolved quickly to God’s glory.
Please pray for the upcoming CCI-East Africa Camp Fair to be held June 24. This event is a platform for camp owners/ those with property that can be used as a campsite to meet decision makers from churches & other organizations and introduce them to their campsite. It is also for those who run camps programs or those in support services e.g transport, catering, equipment, tents etc. to market and sell their services to ready customers. Pray for all the different categories of people and the fun-loving campers out there, that there will be a wonderful turnout, that many will learn how to use camping as a ministry tool and want to plug into ACC. Pray for the weather on that day that it will not rain and that they will get the right sponsors we are seeking to sponsor this event. 

Please keep praying for the training events in West Africa next week. Team development will be the focus in Accra, Ghana June 12-15; and an overview of Christian camping in Freetown, Sierra Leone on June 17-18.  Pray for good attendance and that the Lord would provide all that is needed for these two trainings. Pray for Abi Mensah co-leading the training in Ghana, and Kofi Kakrabah who will co-lead that in Sierra Leone. They are praying for leaders in Nigeria to mobilize the Christian camp fraternity there for a similar event soon.

Please pray for the CC-New Zealand national conference taking place on July 31 - August 3 at Totara Springs Conference Center. Pray for the preparations happening now for this event and that all the details will be remembered and taken care of. Pray for the speakers, that the Lord will teach them what to say and give them joy as they teach. And for all who attend - for safe travel, good fellowship and connection, encouragement, inspiration and refreshment

El Monte received word that a higher court has agreed to hear their appeal. The battle to save their campsite continues. This remains a very expensive challenge.  Please pray for the funds needed for their legal defense and for God's protection, wisdom, strength and grace in the days ahead.

CCI-Ukraine is sponsoring a Staff Training Workshop for camp leaders in Armenia this week, June 5-10. The instructors are already there ready to teach. Over 70 camp leaders are expected to attend. This is their 29th training event this year. There are three more to go before the end of June. Pray that the hot weather will not be in the way of the learning process. Pray that the time the camp leaders spend together learning and interacting will be used to strengthen the network of Christian camps in that part of the world. 


CCSA - June 6-9 - Annual Conference - Heron Bridge
CCI-West Africa - June 12-16 - Training Event -Accra Ghana
CCI-West Africa - June 17-18 - Consultation - Freetown, Sierra Leone
CCI-East Africa - June 24 - Camp Fair - Parklands Baptist Church
CCNZ - July 30 - Directors Manager Training - Pacific Park
CCNZ - July 31 - August 3 - Conference - Totara Springs Conference Center
CVA-Australia – July 31-Aug 2 – Leaders Forum 17
CCI-East Africa - Sept 4-8 - Annual training - AIC Diguna Nairob
CCI-East Africa - Oct 12 - Safety trainingi
CCI-Netherlands - Nov 7 - Semi-Annual General Assembly
CCNZ - Nov 17 - AGM - Aucklands
CCI-Mexico - Nov 17-20 - National Conference - Tabasco
CCI-Canada - Nov 27-29 - Leadership Summit
CCCA - Dec 4-7 - Annual Conference - The Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, CO


CCI-Spain Jan 17-21 - National Conference - Siete Robles

Please let us know if I have missed any important dates.
If you would like to be added to our mailing to circulate prayer requests, email dan@cciworldwide.org.Thank you for taking time to read and pray for these items. May God bless you for your support of CCI-Worldwide.  
Dan Bolin| CCI Worldwide | P.O. Box 9508 | Tyler, Texas | 75711 | 
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