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Rain in the forecast?  Never fear!  Simon Says is here! 

The game of Simon Says is not a new game. In fact, many of us played it as kids and you either loved it or hated it. In the old version of Simon Says, if you made a mistake what happened? You were OUT! I am a visual learner, so I was always one of those kids that got out first. I was quick to follow what Simon did, rather than what Simon said. So I was familiar with the “walk of shame” after you realized you had made a mistake and then had to leave the game, usually with your head down in disappointment.

As trainers and educators, don't we want our participants to learn from their mistakes? Don't we want to give them opportunities to try again and not to make the same mistakes?  

My colleague, Scott Gurst, and I put together a training video of a new version of Simon Says with new rules. We filmed a training video to share with YOU, so you could watch, learn and have the confidence to lead this amazing activity.  It has been uploaded to YouTube as a free resource for any and all facilitators, trainers and educators. The video has both of us as Simon, as our styles are very different. It's a great way to see how you can adapt Simon to fit your own facilitation style.

Please watch it as many times as needed to become a confident Simon!  Here is a link to the video:  




  • Here are the basic rules to this new version of Simon Says:
  1. No one is out; if you make a mistake just give yourself a point.  Everyone will keep track of their own points in their head.


2. Simon will give commands; only follow the commands if the statement is prefaced by “Simon Says….”


3. Flinching totally counts as a point. 


4. The game begins with this statement, “Simon says the game has officially begun” and ends with, “Simon says the game is officially over.”  The game will continue the entire time between those two statements.


  • Demonstrate the commands/positions you will do in the game, like put your left hand up, etc.


  • Make sure everyone in the room knows the basic rules to Simon Says.
  • Take questions from participants


“Simon says the game has officially begun.”




Michelle Cummings M.S. is the Big Wheel and founder of Training Wheels, a known leader in the Team Development industry.  She is an accomplished author and is a sought-after speaker and consultant on leadership, teambuilding, and experiential learning. Michelle has created a wide variety of facilitation, debriefing and teambuilding activities that have collectively changed the way trainers and educators work.

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